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Content vs. computers, round two

The content industry is set to face off with computer manufacturers again
this week, as incoming AOL Time Warner Inc. CEO Richard Parsons and Intel Corp.
CEO Craig Barrett go before a Senate panel to discuss the protection of digital
content online.

The hearing, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, should be something of a
quieter replay of a hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee two weeks ago.

During that session, The Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner and News
Corp. president Peter Chernin got into it with Intel executive vice president
Leslie Vidasz.

Disney, News Corp., Viacom Inc. and other content companies want computer
manufacturers to include chips in all PCs that would protect their copyrighted
TV shows, movies and music from finding their way onto the Internet and
unlimited, free distribution.

Intel and others on the computer side said limiting computers' abilities
might damage them economically.

Other witnesses to appear at the hearing include Intertainer Inc. CEO
Jonathan Taplin, founder Joe Kraus and UCLA law professor Justin