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Comedy Counters Drudge 'Sludge'

Under the headline, "Drudge Deals in Sludge (What Else Is New)," Comedy Central sent out an e-mail correction Wednesday to a Drudge Web site ( posting that had suggested that the cable network's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ratings had slipped in September.

The Drudge story, posted Sunday, Oct. 17, said that "Jumbo hype from media writers and a bestselling book apparently have failed to translate into any TV audience improvement."

Calling it a "fake news report," Comedy Central said that rather than the 7% decline for September the site ran in the item, audience for new episodes of the show airing in September was actually up by 7% from August to 1,247,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. The cable net added that even factoring in a week when repeats aired, the show was still up by 2% over August.

"Like The Daily Show, Drudge has no compulsion to actually check facts," said Comedy Central, unable to keep its tongue out of its cheek even while giving a tongue-lashing to Matt Drudge.