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Comedy Central Freaks Out

If you glance at the New York Post Oct. 3, you might think that Manhattan is being invaded by freaks with bizarre superpowers who are on the Pentagon payroll.

Fear not. Comedy Central is putting fake covers on the Post and Daily News as part of a marketing blitz for its new series Freak Show. The animated show, debuting Oct. 4, features oddballs such as Tuck and Benny, conjoined twins with the power to separate, and Primi, a premature baby who can projectile vomit with stunning accuracy.

"We’re aiming for the trendsetters and influencers," says Comedy Director of Marketing and Advertising Neil Marks. Comedy will also distribute more than a million copies of a comic book written by Freak creators David Cross (Arrested Development) and H. Jon Benjamin.

Comedy is also toasting the 10th season of South Park, which premieres before Freak, with a MySpace page where users can design their own cut-out character, and banners on Madison Square Garden.