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Comcast, Starz Roll Out On-Demand Service

Now that the bitter negotiations are behind them, Comcast and Starz Encore got together Wednesday at the final Western Show in Anaheim, Calif., to tout the upsides of their new deal. The biggest piece is Starz’s on-demand offering, already rolling out in some Comcast systems and will soon join the rest.

Starz On Demand includes a collection of 100 movies that is refreshed monthly. Comcast subscribers who buy Starz-priced between $10 and $20 per month will get the on-demand service without paying an additional fee. The model is in line with the on-demand model that both Comcast and Starz have been pursuing.

The packaging gives subscribers more value for their digital cable, according to Starz and Comcast execs. With Starz On Demand, "customers will only realize that much more value from Starz," said Andy Addis, Comcast’s senior VP of marketing and new products. "[On-demand] is an advantage we have that satellite doesn’t."

The deal also includes Starz HD, in systems where Comcast has rolled out high-definition service. That will also be offered at no extra charge for Starz subscribers.

The two companies said they will work together to aggressively market these premium products.