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Comcast Names State Lobbyist

Comcast has hired Richard Schollmann, president, Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association, to lobby state legislatures and regulators.

He will be based in Washington and report to Kerry Knott, Comcast vice president of government affairs and chief lobbyist.

Schollmann,47, joins Comcast as the company battles local telephone monopolies at the federal and state level over rules governing provision of pay-TV over wired networks and local telephone service.

Cable would like to remain free of the rules requiring phone companies to carry rival Internet service providers on their broadband networks. The issue is currently before the Supreme Court.

Similarly, phone companies are seeking to be free of local rules requiring them to serve an entire market  rather than cherrypick the most wealthy and profitable neighborhoods ("red lining").

At the Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association, Schollmann represented Virginia's cable operators before the state government.

Schollmann also has led state government affairs for American Electric Power and AT&T. He has also been a regulatory attorney with AT&T, a trial attorney with the Justice Department.