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Colin: Clean up radio

Joining the call for curbs on media violence, Gen. Colin Powell challenged radio stations to clean up their airwaves. "We are saying dirty, filthy things to each other and our kids are hearing it," he told an NAB Radio Show audience in San Francisco last week. Powell also encouraged attendees to recognize change in the industry and be active about addressing it.

Introducing Powell, NAB President Eddie Fritts told radio station owners to call their representatives in Congress and ask them to pass legislation that would require the FCC to slow its rollout of low-power FM.

Fritts went on to dismiss digital satellite radio as viable competition to free over-the-air radio. "Some have predicted that satellite radio will be the death knell for free over-the-air radio. I don't think so. If you like cable radio, you're going to love satellite radio, particularly when you're paying $9.95 a month more," he said.

Finally, Fritts referenced broadcasters' fight with record companies over whether broadcasters should have to pay additional copyright fees to stream recordings. "Congress specifically exempted free over-the-air broadcast services that stream their broadcast programming over the Internet," he said.