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CNN's Story gets Retold

Christiane Amanpour, male correspondents, a studio audience, more international reporters, and a new timeslot are all part of a makeover CNN will give On the Story starting July 9.

International correspondent Amanpour will now host the hour show, which will drop its current format as a rotating panel discussion of CNN’s female anchors.

Also dropped from CNN will be political panel discussion, The Capital Gang, which will end a 16-year run June 25 and give its 7 p.m. Saturday timeslot to the revamped On the Story.

The show, which airs at 10 a.m. Sunday, will keep that slot in a re-airing of the Saturday night show and will now serve as a worldwide conversation among CNN’s correspondents, with reporters showing self-filmed diaries and unaired footage. It will also include questions from at-home viewers and a studio audience at D.C.’s George Washington University.    

The changes are part of CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein’s push to beef up both storytelling and international coverage at the network, which has made several staffing and programming changes of late.

CNN’s prime time total viewership average dropped 16% in May to 610,000. Fox News’ grew 11% to an average 1.4 million total viewers.

On the Story launched in 2003. Regular panelists, including Dana Bash, Barbara Starr, Suzanne Malveaux and Jane Arraf, will continue to appear in addition to yet unannounced male anchors. Amanpour has made occasional appearances on the show.