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CNN swept as anthrax tests continue

Medical techs swept CNN's New York bureau for signs of anthrax again Friday, but the results from tests at other networks continued to come up negative.

At NBC 1,304 employees have taken a Q-tip up the nose to look for signs of inhaled spores. But of the 1,100 tests completed so far have been negative. At ABC, environmental samples were taken from 74 locations, with the 59 tested as negative. So at CBS, white-suited and hooded techs cordoned off work areas as they wiped surfaces for later study, but the was no mass quarrantine or testing.

Since the outbreaks in network offices are not obviously widespread, health officials are playing down risks. About 200 staffers had been interviewed by Friday morning, but a relatively small number are getting tested.

However, a new outbreak was reported at The New York Post where an assistant who opened mail of the editorial editor tested positive for skin anthrax.