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CNN doc performed emergency surgery

Cable News Network medical correspondent and trained neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta performed
emergency brain surgery at a U.S. field hospital in south central Iraq in an
attempt to save the life of a wounded Iraqi boy, the network reported.

The boy, who was injured during an incident at a U.S. Marine checkpoint, had
numerous other injuries and later died.

Doctors said the brain surgery had increased his chances of survival,

Gupta, who is traveling with a team of U.S. Navy doctors known as the "Devil
Docs," was called upon to operate on the boy, who was suffering from head wounds
caused by a bullet or shrapnel.

Gupta said the operation was not elective, and when the boy was brought
to him via helicopter, he may have had only moments to live.

The boy's mother, injured in the same incident, was also treated at the
facility and survived.

Two others died in the shooting. CNN reported that according to the U.S.
military, the incident occurred when a taxicab passed through a U.S. Marine
checkpoint south of Baghdad without stopping, prompting Marines to open fire.