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CNN to Celebrate King's 50 Years in Broadcasting

CNN will celebrate Larry King’s 50th year as a broadcaster with a special week of shows in late April that will culminate with King being interviewed on his own set by Katie Couric.

A “King Size” week of shows the last week of April will feature guests including Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton.  Negotiations are also underway for Angelina Jolie to make an appearance, as well as one other guest.

The Friday of that week the CBS Evening News’ Couric will take the host’s chair and interview King.

Other festivities will include a roast to be hosted by HBO’s Bill Maher as well as multiple King specials.

CNN chief Jim Walton acknowledged Tuesday that while King is "our most recognizable face to this day," the network has put much of its marketing dollars behind growing other personalities.

"We are on 24 hours a day on two domestic networks and we have had to evolve our business to get more recognizable faces on our networks to break through all the clutter," Walton said.