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Clyburn Clamor Continues

Reaction to President Barack Obama's pick of South Carolina state utility regulator Mignon Clyburn for FCC commissioner continued to pour in Thursday.

“Commissioner Clyburn is a well-qualified candidate, and her experience will be a welcomed asset as the commission moves forward with the critical work of developing the right policies to achieve the full potential and benefits of broadband. We look forward to working with her,” said Susanne Guyer, senior VP at Verizon.

The Parents Television Council used Clyburn's announcement to push for a Republican nominee to fill the other vacant chair at the commission, as well as swift action on pending indecency complaints. The latter comes in the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling that the FCC had justified its crackdown on fleeting profanity.

After congratulating Clyburn and calling for focus on indecency, PTC urged it fill the Republican slot, saying it was, "Critically important that families--true owners of the broadcast airwaves--have a voice on the commission."

PTC put in a plug for Lee Carosi Dunn, a communications advisor to Senator John McCain.

Not surprisingly, Clyburn got a vote of confidence from her fellow state regulators. “President Obama is to be commended for selecting someone of the caliber of Mignon Clyburn for the FCC," said the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. "She brings a crucial State perspective and more than 10 years of experience on telecommunications and infrastructure issues to the Commission. As Chair of our Washington Action Program, Commissioner Clyburn has proven to be an effective leader of NARUC's Congressional and Agency advocacy. She will be missed, both at NARUC and at the South Carolina Commission."

NARUC was hoping her appointment meant closer bonding with other regulators. "We look forward to working with Commissioner Clyburn in her new role, and solidifying our strong relationship with her federal colleagues.”