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Clearly Liberal

Some Clear Channel Communications Inc. radio stations are turning left. The radio giant announced that four more stations will switch to a progressive talk format within the next two months. "Progressive" is the term many liberals use to describe themselves.

Clear Channel's progressive stations will air Air America Radio’s Al Franken and Randi Rhodes and other syndicated talkers with local hosts. Stations to be converted include outlets in San Diego and Ann Arbor, Mich.

The company also plans to introduce progressive talk on at least two stations in Top-25 markets within 60 days. "In certain local markets, listeners are clearly finding progressive talk radio entertaining and informative," said John Hogan, Clear Channel chief executive officer. "We’ve been delighted with the ratings generated by our progressive talk radio stations."

At KPOJ-AM Portland, Ore., the Clear Channel station moved from 26th position to 3rd among adults 25 to 64 since making the switch earlier this year.