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Chyron's New Camio 3.0

Chyron is offering tighter integration of graphics systems with Camio 3.0, the latest version of its newsroom system, which promises to let journalists and producers create sophisticated graphics at the same time they are writing their scripts. These graphics are then automatically sequenced for playout following the edits to the Newsroom Running Order.

The product was introduced at last month’s IBC show inAmsterdam.

CAMIO 3.0 has expanded Chyron's newsroom offering by supporting AXIS Graphics, the company's content creation system for broadcasters and new media providers. Now, newsroom users can create customized graphics such as maps, stock quotes and over-the-shoulders, using AXIS Graphics and its up-to-the-minute data, and have access to image libraries such as AP. They can then schedule them into the running order from their newsroom client.

Camio 3.0 also updates features for goal setting and personalization of the user experience.

CAMIO 3.0 options include:

* Chyron's Order Management System (OMS) is a flexible file-based order management solution that can integrate into any workflow. Through a web form, orders can be created for work that needs to be completed for any output media. Any user can see the current state of orders.

* Chyron's iSQ offers control of multiple channels of Chyron graphics.

* The Chyron Still Uploader (CSU) option allows users to save images into "hotsync" folders, where they will be ingested into the Chryon Lyric system for displaying on-screen messages. CSU graphics can also be used to create templates that will be available within the Newsroom workflow to quickly create templates for franchised coverage of topical stories in a daily newscast.