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Chyron, Madison Road Team on Mobile TV Software

Television graphics provider Chyron Corporation and branded entertainment studio Madison Road Entertainment are partnering to launch a new ad-supported mobile television software suite, with which companies can advertise on cellphone screens, out-of-home networks (in public gathering places) and via the Internet.

The companies say the partnership will address advertiser demand for finding customers digitally, but away from in-home television sets.

Chyron made its name with graphics often seen in live sports, news and entertainment shows, while Madison Road is known both for producing original programming and for facilitating branded integrations.

"Chyron has been expanding its capabilities in this area for several years now," says Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron’s president and CEO."Madison Road's experience with social network models and viral marketing, as well as their positioning at the crossroads of advertising and mainstream entertainment, fits well with Chyron's competence in developing software-based solutions for content creation and management in the digital video realm."

"Chyron's forty years of experience in delivering bullet-proof, real-time graphics solutions to the world's broadcasters, coupled with their patented IP relating to reformatting graphics for different screen sizes, make them a uniquely capable partner for this venture," says Jak Severson, Madison Road’s managing partner