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Chyron introduces HD branding system

Graphics supplier Chyron Corporation has developed a turnkey branding system called Channel Box that is switchable between high-def and standard-def formats and is designed to be used with broadcasters' digital television channels.

The product, being shown at the NAB show in Las Vegas, features 3D Design and controllable playout for branding applications including tickers, crawls, promos and end credits, and can be integrated with traffic and automation systems. It is scheduled to ship mid summer.

"We expect significant uptake for this product," says Chyron Senior VP Kevin Prince, who adds that Channel Box will compete with existing HD branding Products from Miranda and Pinnacle.

Chyron, which is celebrating its 40th year in business, also announced An entry-level HD-switchable graphics system, the HX200, and a major upgrade to its high-end Lyric graphics software called Lyric Pro. Lyric Pro uses a full-time renderer that allows objects and scenes to be added, removed and transitioned at any point during an animation, regardless of the progress of messages already being shown on air, and its "Interfuse Technology" allows unique effect properties to be assigned to individual objects and graphics layers.

"It's Chyron's most significant software release ever," says Prince.

Chyron says it has been awarded a U.S. patent for graphics technology specifically designed for mobile video applications, and that it has two others pending. The Chyron patent relates to technology that enables the generation of real-time triggers and metadata from graphics inserted into live programming that makes them suitable for playback on mobile devices.