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'Chuck' Spies Six More Episodes

NBC has ordered up six more episodes of "Chuck" for midseason - and it didn't even take a Subway campaign to do it.

The critic fave but low-rated "Chuck" barely survived the ax last May, but Peacock execs were wowed enough by an aggressive campaign by the show's loyalists to keep it on the air.

That movement - which revolved around fans buying hoagies at Subway - also impressed the sandwich giant, which signed on as a marketing partner to help spur the show's return.

Net picked up 13 episodes of "Chuck" for midseason, and wasn't expected to bring the series back until March, after the Winter Olympics.

But now that it has canceled "Southland," and "Trauma" appears unlikely to get a back nine order, Peacock may be plotting an earlier return - perhaps in January - for "Chuck." Hence the decision to expand the show's third season to 19 episodes.

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