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For Christine, CBS Forsakes Own Mother

CBS has decided to bench How I Met Your Mother for a week so it can air a double dose of The New Adventures of Christine, the midseason comedy starring Seinfeld ex Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Christine debuts with a March 13 broadcast of the pilot at 8:30, with episode two airing in Mother's 9:30 slot after Two and a Half Men, one of the network's strongest non-CSI shows.

The move is an attempt to "break through the clutter," according to a network spokesman.

That 8:30 Monday time period opened up with the departure of low-rated sitcoms Still Standing and Yes, Dear.

Louis-Dreyfus is trying to break through The Curse. The Seinfeld cast has taken numerous unsuccessful cracks at their own series, including NBC's Michael Richards Show; ABC's Bob Patterson and CBS' Listen Up, both with Jason Alexander; and Louis-Dreyfus' 2002 NBC show, Watching Ellie.