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Christian Coalition Beats Bushes for Neutrality

Fearing network neutrality amendments are about to be defeated in the Senate Commerce Committee, the Christian Coalition sent out an e-mail alert to members Tuesday night.

without strong language proscribing discrimination in access, they argue, "T]here is nothing to stop cable and phone companies from not allowing you to access speech that they oppose!"

Stevens is thought to have the votes to pass a communications reform/video franchising reform bill out of committee without strong network neutrality language.

The Internet access issue has made strange bedfellows of some groups, uniting consumer groups, computer giants, gun owners and the Christian Coalition, the latter two particularly because the Internet has been an effective lobbying tool for them--as the coalition was hoping to demonstrate via its alert--and they fear networks could disadvantage online speech they dislike.

The coalition asked their members to e-mail committee Republicans John McCain (AZ), Trent Lott (MS), Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX), George Allen (VA), Gordon Smith (OR), Ben Nelson (NE), and Mark Pryor (AR) to tell them to vote for net neutrality amendments, particularly ones backed by Senators Olympia Snow (R-ME) and Byron Dorgan (N-ND).