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Children Now To Study Educational TV Shows

Children Now, which helped the FCC craft compromise DTV kids rules in concert with industry, says it is launching a study of just how "educational" educational kids shows are.

"[We] will conduct a major national research study to assess the quality of shows broadcasters are claiming as educational," said Children Now VP Patti Miller. "We want to make sure kids have access to quality educational programming, not more shows like 'Complices al Rescate.'"

She was referring to the Telenovella that Univision has been claiming meets the FCC's requirement for airing educational and or informational kids shows. Univision has agreed to pay $24 million to settle outstanding complaints that its educational and informational kids shows aren't educational or informational. the FCC requires TV stations to carry at least three hours per week of educational and informational programming, but essentially leaves that determination up to the broadcasters.

Stations have been mocked in the past for arguing shows like the Flintstones meet the FCC requirement.