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A Chicago Cubs-White Sox Series

For the first time since 1906, both of Chicago's baseball teams could make the playoffs. WGN-TV Chicago is certainly pulling for them.

If either the Cubs or White Sox or both actually do make it, Tribune-owned WGN-TV Chicago has made a deal to simulcast whichever of their divisional playoff games airs on ESPN. (The Tribune also owns the Cubs.)

The cable sports network divides the division series (Sept. 30-Oct. 5) with Fox (WFLD in Chicago), but the league requires it to make the cable feed available to an over-the-air affiliate in the markets of the teams involved.

WGN-TV GM John Vitanovec said of the prospect: "Our viewers will be able to see this history in the making via free over-the-air television. Should it come to pass, it would be an amazing on-air event."

WGN-TV shares the regular-season rights to the two teams with WCIU-TV and Fox Sports Net Chicago, but produces all the WCIU-TV games.

Now, all this potential baseball action depends on the teams getting it done. As of Friday, the Cubs were one game behind the Houston Astros in the National League's Central Division. The White Sox were 3½ games behind the Minnesota Twins in the American League's Central Division. For the curious, the White Sox beat the Cubs four games to two in the 1906 World Series.