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Chicago countdown Continuing

Asha Blake, late of Later Today ,
met with WBBM-TV news management last week as the station prepares for the
probable exit of Carol Marin and her late-news program. Station management
believes that Marin's ambitious newscast needs change, at the very least. But
Marin will likely bolt if substantive changes are imposed; although she would
remain at CBS as a Chicago-based correspondent for 60
Minutes II.

WBBM-TV confirmed that Blake is being considered for a job there and
has met with key people, but said there has been no decision regarding the late

Marin's attempt at a newscast free from tie-ins and fluff has drawn
praise and encouragement from colleagues across the country, but its ratings
are below past versions of WBBM-TV late newscasts. Newswatchers have speculated
about the end of the newscast as it is at least since the summer, when General
Manager Hank Price left the CBS station for Hearst-Argyle and News Director Pat
Costello left to work for A.H. Belo. Price and Costello, who have been replaced
by Walt DeHaven and Craig Hume, respectively, were big supporters of Marin's