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Chapuis Departing KTVU News Director Post

Ed Chapuis, news director at KTVU San Francisco-Oakland for
the past decade, leaves the Fox affiliate Jan. 10.

Cox's KTVU is a ratings power in the Bay Area.

"We have an exceptional team of journalists here at
KTVU. I am proud of everything we've been able to accomplish," said
Chapuis. "As I leave, I am confident the KTVU Channel 2 News department
will continue to thrive and succeed in delivering the highest quality news in
the country."

Chapuis said he was "looking forward to some new
challenges," but did not specify what his next venture holds.

"Ed Chapuis has been an important part of the KTVU
newsroom leadership for the past decade and we appreciate his
contributions," said Tom Raponi, KTVU-KICU vice president and general
manager. "We wish him the very best with his future endeavors."