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Changing Hands


KTTU-TV Tucson, Ariz.

Price: $18 million cash

Buyer: Belo Corp., Dallas (Robert W. Decherd, chairman/president/17.3% owner); owns/is buying 19 other TVs, including KMSB-TV Tucson

Seller: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio (L. Lowry Mays, chairman; Randy Michaels, CEO, Clear Channel Radio); owns/is buying 17 TVs and about 1,144 radios. Clear Channel also is buying KTZR(AM) and KXEW(AM) Tucson and KOHT(FM) Marana/Tucson. (see first Combo item, below)

Facilities: Ch. 18, 2,510 kW visual, 251 kW aural, ant. 1,970 ft.

Affilation: UPN


KTZR(AM) and KXEW(AM) Tucson, Ariz., and KOHT(FM) Marana/Tucson

Price: $17 million

Buyer: Clear Channel (see TV item, above)

Seller: Big Broadcast of Arizona LLC/Royal Broadcasting of Arizona LLC, Tucson (Art Laboe, principal owner); owns KKPW(FM) Kerman/Fresno, Calif.

Facilities: KTZR: 1450 kHz, 1 kW; KXEW: 1600 kHz, 1 kW; KOHT: 98.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 184 ft.

Formats: KTZR, KXEW: Spanish; KOHT: CHR

Broker: Kalil & Co. Inc.


Natchitoches, La.

Price: $340,000 (includes two-year noncompete agreement)Buyer: Baldridge-Dumas Communications Inc., Many, La. (Tedd W. Dumas, vice president/50% owner); owns KZBL(FM) Natchitoches and KWLA(AM)-KWLV(FM) Many, La., and KTHP(FM) Hemphill, Texas; is building FM in South Fort Polk, La.

Seller: Cane River Communications Inc., Natchitoches (Joseph Payne Cunningham Jr., president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: AM: 1450 kHz, 1 kW; FM: 97.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Formats: Both dark


KEYI-FM Austin, Texas

Price: $22.5 million

Buyer: Sinclair Telecable Inc., Plainfield, Ill. (J. David Sinclair, president/14.6% owner; John L. Sinclair, director/36.6% owner); owns/is buying three FMs and two AMs, all in Virginia; owns 25% of three more FMs and one more AM in Virginia; is a limited partner in LBJS Broadcasting Co. LP, which owns four FMs and one AM in Texas.

Seller: Secret 3 LLC, Cincinnati (Frank E. Wood, president of member Secret Communications II LLC). Secret II has interest in WKKJ(FM) Chillicothe, Ohio

Facilities: 103.5 MHz, 95.5 kW, ant. 1,256 ft.

Format: Oldies

Broker: Star Media Group Inc. (buyer)

WKIB(FM) Anna/Carbondale, Ill./Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Price: $2 million

Buyer: Withers Broadcasting Co., Cape Girardeau (W. Russell Withers Jr., principal); owns three AMs and six other FMs.

Seller: Union Broadcasting, Anna (Ben Strat

emeyer, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 96.5 MHz, 22 kW, ant. 745 ft.

Format: AC

Broker: Patrick Communications

Station Trades

By dollar volume and number of sales;
does not include mergers or acquisitions involving substantial non-station assets


TV/Radio - $0 - 0

TVs - $18,000,000 - 1

Combos - $17,340,000 - 2

FMs - $24,500,000 - 2

AMs - $0 - 0

Total - $59,840,000 - 5

SO FAR IN 2001

TV/Radio - $200,000,000 - 1

TVs - $388,540,000 - 14

Combos - $2,432,605,820 - 35

FMs - $134,447,900 - 74

AMs - $66,344,811 - 45

Total - $3,221,938,531 - 169