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Chamber Praises Richardson On IP Stance

If past is prologue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is buoyed by the selection of former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as the new Secretary of Commerce, subject to congressional confirmation, at least when it comes to protecting intellectual property.

In announcing the nomiation, President-Elect Barack Obama had singled out IP protection as among the priorities for Commerce under his administration.
In a blog posting, Mark Esper, executive VP of the Chamber's Global Intellectual Property Center, said that a review of his record as governor "suggests he recognizes the importance of clamping down on IP theft and has embraced IP-intensive industries as vital to creating jobs and stimulating economic growth."

He pointed, for one example, to aggressive incentives by New Mexico to attract production, including a 25% rebate on expenditures.

"This perspective would mark a welcome sign about the quality of advice President-elect Obama will be receiving and his administration’s approach to protecting IP," wrote Esper.

He also said that Richardson's experience as Energy Secretary and at the UN "will also be valuable as negotiations continue on the role of IP rights in a global climate change treaty."