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CFA wants dereg moves deep-sixed

A report released Tuesday by the Consumer Federation of America called on the
government to declare a moratorium on deregulation of the telecommunications
industry, saying such deregulation has "destroyed the critical balance that U.S.
policy had struck between private incentives and public obligations."

Citing the economic meltdowns of numerous companies in both
telecommunications and utilities, CFA director of research Mark Cooper said,
"The boom-and-bust cycle unleashed by deregulation has grave consequences for
money markets and the economy."

Now that the economic bubble has burst, the CFA wants Congress to reconsider the
Tauzin-Dingell broadband-deregulation bill (already passed in the House), and
it wants the Federal Communications Commission to rethink a "half-dozen rulemakings"
that it said are on the same deregulatory track. The report is available at