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CES '09: Complete Coverage from Broadcasting & Cable

Jan. 10, 2009

Martin: Don't Move DTV Date—Fix Coupon Program

At 2009 CES, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says postponement would create confusion, hurt government's credibility.


Comcast, Time Warner Cable To Flip Tru2way Switch By July 1

Comcast and Time Warner Cable executives said they’re on track to enable support for retail devices compatible with CableLabs' tru2way interactive TV specification across their footprints by July 1.>>

EchoStar’s SlingLoaded HD DVR Wins 'Best of CES'

CNET, in cooperation with the Consumer Electronics Association, selected the EchoStar 922 SlingLoaded set-top box out of hundreds of entries from the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show during a live CNET announcement in Las Vegas.>>

Jan. 9, 2009

DTV Transition Seen Adding 1.7 Million Pay-TV Subs

Alan Miles, Barclays Capital vice president of equity research for media, Internet and telecommunications, said, in a panel moderated by Broadcasting & Cable senior editor Glen Dickson, the digital TV transition will not be a significant business event for most pay-TV providers.


Sony, Fox Complete 3D HD Football Drive

Las Vegas -- The 3D HD broadcast of the BCS college football championship game to VIP guests at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Thursday night was a bit like the University of Florida’s performance in the game itself: a shaky start with a solid finish.


Jan. 8, 2009

Disney-ABC To Step Up Interactive Television Efforts

Disney-ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney says that new technology from Intel and Yahoo! that will bring Web-style widgets to television sets will be incorporated into programming on their networks.


Sony Builds Internet Video Into HDTVs

As expected, Sony Electronics has taken the integration of Internet video technology into its high-definition TV sets one step further at this year’s CES, unveiling high-end Bravia LCD sets that can hook up to a broadband connection and deliver Internet content seamlessly without requiring a separate device.


Sony’s Stringer Gives Peek At 3-D Entertainment

Sony chairman and CEO Howard Stringer showed off big-screen 3-D video as part of his CES keynote address Thursday, and said the technology is “closer than you think” to becoming a standard feature of the entertainment industry.


Blog: The Economy Strikes Again?

Midway through the first day proper of CES (there were press events Wednesday), one thing has stood out so far: there are a lot less people here than I expected.  Not just people in the TV business, I mean people in general.


Panasonic Pushes For 3D HD Standards

While consumer electronics giant Sony has garnered much of the buzz over 3D HD production heading into CES, competitor Panasonic made 3D HD the centerpiece of its CES press event Wednesday in Las Vegas.


CES: ‘Jeopardy!’ Tapes from CES Floor

CBS Television Distribution’s Jeopardy! kicked off the New Year by taping 11 episodes this week on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Broadcasters Promise Mobile 2009

Expected to outline plans for commercial rollout later this year.


EchoStar Unveils SlingGuide

Las Vegas -- Sling Media Thursday unveiled SlingGuide, a new Web-based way to easily find and record TV programming from anywhere, at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.


Microsoft's Ballmer Touts Convergence

In first CES keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sees connecting screens as growth opportunity in spite of recession.


Tech & Engineering Emmy Winners Presented

Verizon's Ivan Seidenberg takes home lifetime achievement award.


Jan. 7, 2009

Toshiba Taps Dolby Volume For HD Sets

Toshiba announced at CES that it will be the first TV set manufacturer to employ “Dolby Volume,” a technology from Dolby Laboratories aimed at solving loudness problems when switching from one DTV channel to another.


CES: MediaFLO Hits The Road With Audiovox

Mobile TV service MediaFLO made good on its plans to expand its service beyond cellphones to new devices  by announcing at CES a deal with Audiovox to create in-car video displays that receive the live MediaFLO broadcast service.


LG Touts Streaming, Wireless HD, Mobile DTV

Consumer electronics giant LG Electronics focused on new ways to get pictures to HDTV sets in the living room and some breakthrough mobile technologies at its annual press conference at the CES show in Las Vegas. >>

CEA: Consumer Spending To Decrease In ’09

Not surprisingly, it’s not looking like 2009 is going to be a banner year for consumer electronics. However, they say CE is still faring better than other industries during the current recession. >>

Jan. 5, 2009
LG to Unveil Broadband-Capable TVs

LG Electronics announced that it will introduce this week at the CES show in Las Vegas new broadband-enabled HDTVs that have embedded software to support Netflix’s streaming service without requiring an additional set-top box.>>

CES To Highlight Internet TV, Mobile DTV, 3D

While the annual Consumer Electronics Show has become more focused on content than electronics in recent years, understanding the latest ways for delivering video is still the primary reason broadcast and cable executives make the trek to Las Vegas each year. >>

Delivery Dilemmas

Amid the gloomy economic picture, one bright spot is digital media and the opportunities that changing consumer use of video might open up for media companies. >>

Making CES Pay Off

Despite the economy looking bleak well into 2009, and layoffs and other forms of cost-slashing running rampant, NBCU and others will still be presenting at CES, though it remains to be seen how many television industry execs will be attending to see what is on display. >>