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CEA sees set-top rollout obstacles, despite standard

While the Consumer Electronics Association calls the newly released specs for
cable set-tops an 'important step forward,' it says there remain obstacles to
widespread rollout.

CableLabs released the specifications for the OCAP 1.0 set-top applications
platform, which it said should give the green light to manufacturers to build
boxes and receivers that work with any cable system.

CEA saw a yellow light, however, with CEA VP, Communication, Jeff Joseph,
suggesting there was some 'pretty egregious' language about copy protection in
the manufacturers license for OCAP 1.0.

CEA wants the FCC to publish the license for comment to make sure the license
'protects the security of cable systems without compromising consumer home
recording and fair use rights, or eliminating or limiting the functionality of
related consumer electronics products,' said CEA President Gary Shapiro.

Following the specs announcement, CEA asked CableLabs to submit the new
standard to a 'recognized independent standards setting body as soon as possible
so that we may better be able to examine, comment upon and ultimately implement
a mutually agreed-upon standard.'

CableLabs had no comment.