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CEA releases rosy DTV figures

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, 368,947 "digital-television displays" were shipped to dealers during the first nine months of 2000, an almost seven-fold improvement over the comparable period in 1999. Included in the figures are stand-alone monitors that require an additional set-top to view DTV, as well as sets with an integrated DTV tuner. CEA forecasts DTV display sales to reach 425,000 by the end of this year. As for stand-alone set-tops that receive DTV signals, CEA says that only 25,855 units have been sold to dealers since January.

The trade association has also instituted its Academy of Digital Television Pioneers awards, the first of which were presented in New York on Nov. 2 as part of its conference "Delivering on the DTV Promise." Winners were CBS (Best DTV Network), Capitol Broadcasting's WRAL-DT (Best Local DTV Broadcaster), Time Warner Cable (Best DTV Cable System), DirecTV (Best DTV Satellite Provider),
ABC Monday Night Football

(Best DTV Sporting Event) and
Over America

(Best Original DTV Material).

DTV Leadership Awards were also presented to FCC Commissioner Susan Ness and to Dick Wiley, former FCC chairman and former chair of the Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service.