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CEA Pushes FCC on XM-Sirius Decision

Equipment manufacturers are asking the Federal Communications Commission to get a move on and decide whether or not to approve the XM Satellite Radio-Sirius Satellite Radio merger.

In a letter to FCC chairman Kevin Martin, Consumer Electronics Association president Gary Shapiro pointed out that the Justice Department already gave the deal a clean bill of health, and that it was time for the FCC to weigh in to provide consumers with the "confidence and clarity" on what satellite-radio systems to buy.

If the FCC approves the deal, XM and Sirius are planning to offer a la carte service with channels from both services, which would require consumers to buy new equipment.

The Shapiro letter came after Martin told a House Appropriations Committee he had no timetable for the decision, although he had said on more than one occasion that he was aiming for the end of March.