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CEA "Out of Touch," Says Fritts

National Association of Broadcasters President Eddie Fritts said Thursday that the Consumer Electronics Association is not up to speed on the technical challenges of DTV.

Responding to CEA's suggestion, in comments at the FCC, that NAB's proposed new digital-to-analog converter box would include too many extras and thus be pricier than the low-cost box Congress is looking to subsidize, Fritts said:

"CEA demonstrates again that it is out of touch with the realities of the technical challenges of DTV reception as well as two of its largest members. NAB is proud to stand with CEA members LG Electronics and Thomson in their effort to ensure that all Americans have affordable and reliable access to local television signals both during and after the transition to digital."

The two associations have been in a war of words over varoius aspects of the transition, inluding the converter box issue, a hard date for the return of analog spectrum, and the relative priority in spurring the DTV transition of producing more DTV sets with tuners (NAB's stance) and airing more content to generate demand for the integrated sets (CEA's postition).