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CDD asks for FTC, DOJ records

The Center for Digital Democracy has asked the Federal Trade Commission and
the Department of Justice to submit to it all documents relating to the Bush
administration's decision to change the antitrust merger-review process.

Two weeks ago, the two agencies planned a press conference to announce that
all media-merger reviews would now be conducted by the DOJ, but the announcement
was called off after Senate Commerce Committee chairman Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.)
objected, saying that he had not been informed of the decision ahead of

Last week, Hollings staff held meetings with staff from both offices, and the
two sides agreed to hold more meetings.

Consumer groups, such as the CDD, also complained about the decision, saying
that it could harm consumers.

The CDD has filed Freedom of Information requests with both the FTC and the
DOJ to get access to all 'reports, letters, memoranda and e-mail messages,' the
CDD said.

'[The] CDD has grave concerns about how such a decision was reached without
public awareness, including congressional oversight,' the group said in a
prepared statement.