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CBS wins with Raymond doubleheader

Back-to-back Everybody Loves Raymond episodes gave CBS a win in the final May sweep Monday night.

The opening round of Raymond hit a 7.5 rating, 18 share and 20 million viewers in Nielsen fast national numbers, followed by a 7.8/18 and 20 million takers for the second half of the sitcom doubleheader. Fox's Ally McBeal scored a 5.4/13 with 12.5 million viewers going head-to-head with Raymond. NBC's Weakest Link topped thatin the same hour, hitting a 5.8/14 and drawing 13.2 million viewers.

CBS won the night with a 5.7 average rating among 18-49ers to Fox's 5.3 and NBC's 4.9. And CBS barely edged ABC in average total viewers, 15.2 million to 14.3 million. The finale of ABC's Anne Frank mini-series drew 14.2 million viewers with a 4.7/11 and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? drew 14.6 million viewers.
- Richard Tedesco