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CBS reporter escapes explosion

CBS News Correspondent Carol Marin narrowly survived a fireball explosion as one of the Trade Center towers collapsed.

She was at the scene midmorning looking for a CBS News crew on her cell phone. Suddenly, the phone went dead and a fireball erupted in the wake of huge explosion. A New York City firefighter grabbed her and smashed her against a building. "I could feel his heartbeat," she recalled later. She was then passed off to policeman and the pair made their way through black smoke that covered lower Manhattan like nightfall.

Finally, she reached a paramedic truck was given oxygen and taken away from the scene. She wasn't hurt seriously, but later recounted to a colleague, "it was the closest I've ever come to death." She later discussed her experience on the air with CBS anchor Dan Rather.

At ABC, Good Morning America correspondent Don Dahler lives four blocks from the World Trade Center and heard the first plane crash into the North Tower. He ran outside, saw the inferno and race back into his apartment and called uptown to GMA and was patched in and on the air at 8:51 a.m. reporting the disaster.
- Steve McClellan