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CBS Reiterates Jackson Fine Opposition

As the Federal Communications Commission's long-expected fine for Janet Jackson's "breast in show" Super Bowl performance nears, CBS Friday reiterated its unhappiness.

"We would be extremely disappointed in such a ruling," the company said in a statement.

B&C reported Aug. 19 that the FCC commissioners were planning to approve the $550,000 fine--the largest  for a TV indecency fine--against the CBS-owned stations that aired the broadcast.

The fine has been anticipated since at least late July, when CBS Chairman Les Moonves called it "patently ridiculous" and pledged to "take it up to the courts."

"While we regret that the incident occurred and have apologized to our viewers, we continue to believe that nothing in the Super Bowl broadcast violated indecency laws. Furthermore, our investigation proved that no one in our company had any advance knowledge about the incident," CBS said.

"We would obviously review all of our options to respond to the ruling and we continue to call on the FCC to address the serious issues raised by the more than 30 industry participants who challenged the FCC's sweeping new indecency policies last spring."

Although the statement simply refers to reviewing options, CBS is expected to stand by its tough talk and take the decision to court.