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CBS Puts The Eye in YouTube

CBS will be the first network to provide regular daily programming to YouTube, according to the two companies.

CBS and the social networking site have struck a deal in which CBS will provide short-form programming including news, sports and entertainment to the social networking site. CBS and YouTube will share the revenue from ad sponsorship of the videos.

Content will come from CBS TV, Showtime and CSTV. It will include clips from CBS shows like CSI, Survivor,  The Late Show, Evening News, 60 Minutes, CSTV sports content, and Showtime "promos" for Dexter, Brotherhood, Sleeper Cell and The L Word.
It will also be an opportnity for CBS to either better control or monetize clips from shows it owns that have been posted by others.

Youtube has a content-identification system that will allow the network to identify its protected content posted by others. It can then be taken down from the site, or "if CBS allows the content to remain on the site," the network "will share in any revenue from advertising placed adjacent to the content."

Launched only a year and a half ago by former execs at PayPal, YouTube, a way for surfers without their own video networks to post video clips,  has caught the eye of the corporations with those video networks.

That's because it is gets millions of daily plays for its clips, with everyone form Mentos testers to Senator Ted Kennedy tapping into its popularity to reach a mass audience.