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CBS Clarifies Payola Agreement

CBS Radio was quick to carify a point for FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Thursday, though it meant leavening some of his praise for their $2 million payola settlement with the state of New York.

After the settlement was announced, Adelstein released a statement saying CBS Radio was "leading the radio broadcasting industry by finally admitting wrongdoing and agreeing to change its practices."

CBS begged to differ: "CBS appreciates Commissioner Adelstein's recognition of its leadership role in the industry," the company said. "but must at the same time point out, as it states in the agreement itself, that in entering into this settlement, CBS Radio does not admit to any wrongdoing, liability or violation of law."

The FCC is also investigating the payola allegations, using information from Spitzer's investigation plus data sought from CBS Radio, Entercom, Citadel, and others.