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CBS Brings Back ‘Sunday Night Movies’ Oct. 4

CBS's Sunday Night Movies
(Image credit: CBS)

CBS is bringing back Sunday Night Movies Oct. 4, with six films from the Paramount Pictures library set to roll. The first five will air Sundays through Nov. 1, and the final one is up Nov. 29.

The movies are Will Ferrell comedy Old School Oct. 4, Alicia Silverstone comedy Clueless Oct. 11, Matthew Broderick comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Oct. 18, Wes Craven’s thriller Scream Oct. 25, Justin Lin-directed Star Trek Beyond Nov. 1 and Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America Nov. 29. 

CBS Sunday Night Movies aired in May and June, as the networks look to fill their schedules with the pandemic slowing production on original series. CBS previously ran Sunday Night Movies until 2006.

Sunday episodes of Big Brother move to Mondays as of Oct. 5.