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CBS Boot Camp suit stands

A judge refused to dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Fox network, rejecting Fox's contention that its Boot Camp reality show differs from CBS's Survivor because it's not rigged, AP reports.

Even if the outcome of Survivor is found to have been manipulated, CBS still has the right to protect its show from being copied, U.S. District Judge Lourdes Baird said in a ruling released Thursday. ''Moreover, permitting such allegations to be developed at trial will simply distract from the core issue of copyright infringement, and will needlessly complicate the proceedings,'' the judge said.

CBS sued Fox on April 9, charging that Boot Camp copied Survivor's idea of putting contestants in harsh conditions and requiring them to complete difficult tasks and vote members out. Fox denies copying the show. A trial date is pending.

Fox lawyers argued that allegations from ''Survivor'' contestant Stacey Stillman that votes were rigged meant the show, unlike ''Boot Camp,'' was not a reality program.

CBS officials say their show's outcome has never been predetermined although some scenes have been reshot with stand-ins to get better camera angles.