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Carey: Drew to focus on characters

Like its parent network, long-running hit The Drew Carey Show is
returning to its roots this fall, planning to focus less on stunts and more on
the relationships between characters, Carey told TV critics at the press tour in
Pasadena, Calif., Thursday.

Carey's self-named main character will also find himself in a new workplace,
an Inc.-type company that is huge and unfamiliar to Drew.

"He's not really going to know what his job is for most of the season," Carey
said. "He's only going to care about the paycheck this year."

The show also will see the departure of Christa Miller, Carey's long-time
love, who gets married in the second episode.

Miller's departure leaves an opening for a new character whom the show hasn't
hired yet, but it will be a close friend from Drew's past.

The show is leaving its Wednesday 9 p.m. time slot for a Monday 8 p.m. slot.
Paired with another Carey vehicle, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the two will
lead in to Monday Night Football for the first half of the season, and
then into new the Dick Wolf show, Dragnet.

Carey was also clear about his disdain for the Emmy Awards and other awards shows.
"Let's just admit that all these awards shows are just publicity stunts," he
said. "People are so needy. They need applause, a giant paycheck and they also
need a thing to put on their mantle. It's like holy s__t, go see a psychiatrist