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Campell: Ballot could battle consolidation

Media consolidation can be stemmed if more black Americans go to the polls,
former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell said Tuesday.

"If you do not participate in the political process, your opportunity to be
broadcasters will continue to shrink," Campell told the Black Broadcasters
Alliance, one of several African-American media groups in Washington, D.C., this
week in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Campbell lamented the low voter turnout among young African Americans. In
Atlanta, where 17,000 attend historically black colleges, he said, only 500
African Americans of college age voted in a recent primary. The low turnout was
partially to blame for the defeat of five-term Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney,
he added.

It's no coincidence, Campbell said, that Hispanics have both high
voter-turnout rates and are more likely to be served by Hispanic-owned broadcast

Hispanics became the "minority du jour," he added, because they are
"insular and solid."