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California Goes After HP

The California Attorney General has handed down indictments against the former chairman and senior counsel of Hewlitt Packard in the "pretexting" scandal.

The firm used unethical and allegedly illegal means to try to track the source of leaks from its board of directors, including sending fake e-mails to reporters.

HP's current Chairman Mark Hurd last week apologized to the nine journalists and others whose privacy was violated by the company in its investigations of leaks from its board of directors.

But he acknowledged to a legislators at a hearing on the issue that he was aware that reporters had been sent fake e-mails to try to get information on the leaks and thought at the time it was OK, but doesn't now.

Congressman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) praised the California Attorney General, but said it was time for Congress to pass laws to tighten rules about obtaining access to phone records or other information.