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Cadbury Adams Won’t Target Kids Under 12 with Bubblicious Gum Ads

Cadbury Adams decided to stop advertising Bubblicious Gum to children under 12.

The company was one of one-dozen or so food manufacturers that pledged in a 2007 Federal Trade Commission forum to either steer one-half of its advertising for the product to a sugar-free version or stop advertising the product to the under-12 set entirely. It chose the latter, including revamping its Web site.

That's according to the Better Business Bureau's Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative, an overarching effort launched in 2006 to shift the mix of advertising toward healthier foods and lifestyles. That initiative was a result of pressure from the government and in recognition of a growing childhood obesity epidemic.

Of the 13 participants in the initiative, nine committed to focusing their advertising to kids under 12 on more healthy products, while Coca-Cola, Hershey Foods and Mars said they do not direct any of their advertising to kids under 12.