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Cable subs on the broadbandwagon

Cable operators signed up a total of 15.2 million digital-cable subscribers,
7.2 million broadband subscribers and 1.5 million telephone customers by the end
of 2001, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association reported

The cable industry added more than 800,000 high-speed cable-modem subscribers
in the fourth quarter of last year. That's a bit of a sales slowdown from the
prior quarter, but 100,000 more subscribers than operators signed up in the same
quarter a year ago.

Cable operators now offer broadband service to 70 million households, and
approximately 10 percent of those households subscribe.

Digital-video cable services experienced the most growth, adding 1.5 million
new customers in the fourth quarter of 2001. Nearly 21 percent of video cable
subscribers chose digital over analog services.