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Cable nets share in Emmy nods

Cable networks were rewarded for original programming efforts Thursday when
the Prime Time Emmy Award nominations were handed down, including a best actor
nod for Michael Chiklis, star of FX's The Shield, and 23 nominations for
HBO's undertaker family drama Six Feet Under.

Two of Six Feet Under's male stars, Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall,
are also up for best actor. Two of their female compatriots, Rachel Griffiths
and Frances Conroy, were nominated for best actress.

Across cable, networks from HBO to Comedy Central to A&E are toasting

HBO grabbed some of the highest-profile nominations.

In addition to its best actor and actress considerations, the pay net boasts
two contenders for best comedy series, Sex and The City and Curb Your
. Six Feet Under was tapped in the best drama category.

A&E's Shackleton and TNT's Mists of Avalon joined Band
of Brothers
(yes, another HBO nominee) in the best miniseries group.

The best made-for-TV movie was a cable-exclusive crowd. TNT's James
joined four HBO movies, The Laramie Project, Path to War, The
Gathering Storm
and Path to War.

Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart was tapped for best
variety show, while South Park was recognized as a choice for best
animated series.

The Learning Channel earned a nominations in the best special class category
for cult-hit Trading Spaces.

Sister net Discovery notched long-form animation nods for When Dinosaurs
Roamed America
and Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. The Cartoon
Network's Samurai Jack trilogy was recognized in the same category.