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Cable execs slam Hindery, YES

Senior MSO executives harshly criticized Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network and its chairman, Leo J. Hindery Jr., for heavy-handedness in trying to secure
carriage on Cablevision Systems Corp. in the metro New York area.

Cablevision has refused to carry YES as a basic service, saying that it wants it
only as a pay net.

Hindery went to court last week, filing an antitrust suit against
Cablevision -- generally a cable operator's worst nightmare.

Cox Communications Inc. president Jim Robbins told an National Show closing-session crowd
in New Orleans that he sided with Cablevision and its chairman, Charles Dolan.
"I called Chuck two weeks ago and said `hang in there. You're doing the right
thing,'" Robbins said.

AT&T Broadband chairman Bill Schleyer said "'Good partners don't say,
`Here's the contract; here are the terms. Do it or we'll sue you.' I fully
support the Dolans."