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C-SPAN Covers Decency All-Stars

C-SPAN will air and stream ( the daylong "decency forum" being held by the Senate Commerce Committee Nov. 29.

Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is a long-time advocate of more regulation of indecent content, including on cable if the industry does not sufficiently self-regulate.

Ted Hearn of B&C sister publication, Multichannel News, reports that the cable industry is ready to accept indecency regs on basic cable if they pass court muster.

That is arguably a high hurdle or, looked at another way, a cagey roll of the dice by NCTA given that, in the Playboy case, the Supreme Court favored exisiting blocking technologies over content regulation that raises free speech concerns regarding a pay medium.

Scheduled to appear at the forum are:

FCc Chairman Kevin Martin, Chairman.

Matt Polka, President/CEO, American Cable Association

Kyle McSlarrow, President/CEO, National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Dr. Frank Wright, President, National Religious Broadcasters

Bruce Reese, Joint Board Chairman, National Association of Broadcasters 

Preston Padden, Executive VP, The Walt Disney Company

Alan Wurtzel, President, Research and Media Development, NBC Networks

Martin Franks, Executive Vice President, CBS

Lee Bartlett, Executive VP, Fox Broadcasting

Dr. Paul Crouch Sr., President, Trinity Broadcasting Network

Dan Fawcett, Executive VP, Business and Legal Affairs, DIRECTV

David Moskowitz, Executive VP/General Counsel, Echostar Satellite LLC

Steve Largent, President/CEO, CTIA-The Wireless Association

Jessica Marventano, Senior VP, Clear Channel Communications

Bill Bailey, Senior VP, Regulatory and Government Affairs, XM Radio.

Jack Valenti, former President,Motion Picture Association of America

David G. Kinney, CEO, PSVratings, Inc.

Jim Dyke, Executive Director, TV Watch

Tim Winter, Executive Director, Parents Television Council

Brent Bozell, President, Parents Television Council

Roberta Combs, President, Christian Coalition of America

Doug Lowenstein, President, Entertainment Software Association

Joey Pantoliano, Co-President, The Creative Coalition

Ed Merlis, Senior VP for Government and Regulatory Affairs, United States Telephone Association

Jim Steyer, Chief Executive Officer, Common Sense Media