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C-SPAN to Cover FCC Meeting Live

C-SPAN, the cable industry's public-affairs network, plans to cover the Federal Communications Commission’s potentially contentious monthly meeting Nov. 27, during which cable’s business affairs could be significantly affected.

According to a spokesman for the channel, the number of key issues teed up and the fact that there could still be changes and compromises to agenda items led to the decision to go live on C-SPAN2 with what could be Washington’s version of a daytime drama.

Given that several FCC meetings have begun hours after their scheduled start times, are there any contingency plans if the meeting does not start at 9:30 a.m.? The C-SPAN spokesman said the network planned to go live whenever it did start, and it would have taped material ready. It is already a slow week with Congress still on Thanksgiving break.

Among the issues currently slated for commissioners' votes are on capping the rates cable can charge to lease out its channels and a finding that cable has achieved sufficient market power to warrant new regulations.

The FCC meetings are also streamed over the Internet.