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C-Span Checks Out Presidential Libraries

C-SPAN is teaming with the National Archives on a 12-week series, Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered.

  As its name suggests, the series will tap the resources of the 12 libraries--actually airing live from each one for the Friday night 8-10 p.m. show--to provide some rarely, or in some cases never-before, aired home movies, audio, photos, documents and other artifacts.

 C-SPAN will digitize more than 1,000 rare recordings and steam them over its Web site.

  The libraries span from Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton and will include such highlights as home voices of Lyndon Johnson's first Senate campaign in 1941 and footage of Herbert Hoover at his Rapidan, Va., "mountain hideaway."

  The series will air each Friday night from September through November. The goal, said C-SPAN President Susan Swain in announcing the series, is to "bring some new perspectives to these 12 men and some historical context to the highly competitive 2008 presidential election."