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Bush terms attacks "acts of war"

President George W. Bush spoke to the nation in televised remarks again on Wednesday morning, declaring Tuesday's suicide air attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. "acts of war"

Bush was brief in his remarks, carried live by the broadcast and cable networks. which came on the heels of his live addres to the nation carried live by the broadcast and cable networks Tuesday night. He echoed earlier remarks by Secretary of State Colin Powell, who called the attacks an "act of war" in network appearances.

News analysts noted that Bush's use of the phrase "acts of war" enables him to evoke the War Powers Act. "This is an enemy that thinks it can hide. But it can't hide forever," Bush said.

That was a racheting on his remarks Tuesday night, when he said the U.S. would "hunt down and punish" the country's attackers.

On Wednesday morning, Bush characterized the situation the U.S. faces as a "monumental struggle of good versus evil," concluding "good will prevail." - Richard Tedesco