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Broadband Plan Focus of FCC Public Meeting

The FCC has announced its agenda for the Sept. 29 public meeting and it reflects the current top priority of the commission: the national broadband plan.

The meeting will consist of a single item, a staff report on the status of the plan, which the FCC has to deliver to Congress on Feb. 17, 2009.

The FCC got a status report on broadband at its last meeting as well, but shared the agenda with a number of other items, including a status report on FCC reform. This time around, Blair Levin and company--he is the principal broadband plan advisor--will have the stage all to themselves.

The commission says that status report will include "testimony from participants at the August and September staff workshops, comments received from the public, and staff research and analysis." At about the same time the "tentative agenda" was issued, a workshop on consumer broadband issues was in progress in the commision meeting room, where the Sept. 29 meeting will be held.